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Who We Are?

Unifying Logics is a premier Web services provider specializing in web design and development of corporate web sites, E-commerce Portals, Web based and Cloud Applications and Mobile Applications. Unifying Logics is dedicated to the business of web and cloud based services in view of fulfilling the present day's turbulent and competitive need of organizations to not only establish an online presence but also promote their services and interact with their customers on the World Wide Web.

Head quartered in Cincinnati, Ohio we deliver quality service to customers worldwide, with a large part of them concentrated in USA. Our clients benefit low cost offshore development supported by a global delivery model. Unifying Logics has all the required interdisciplinary facilities to meet the requirements of our privileged clients globally. Our concentration on advanced technology innovation blended with human excellence and aesthetics has fetched us an impressive clientele.


Why do I need a Website?

How do you promote your business? How easily you can impress the customers with your products? Do you think the fliers and pamphlets can explain your business completely? This is the internet era and every one is online on the web.To fill the complete gap between you and your customer, you need a website.

How do I get my website on the internet?

To get your website on the internet, you need a domain name like www.unifyinglogics.com, a hosting space provided by various hosting providers and your website. There are people who design websites for customers, very much like your TV spot producers, who develop the website for you and host it online.

What is a Domain Name ?

Think of a Domain Name like your home address. Thats where people find your business online. Domains names are administered and provided by ICANN.They are retailed by many domain name and hosting providers like Godaddy, name.com, 101domains.com etc...

What is Web Hosting Space ?

Think of Web hosting as the land your house is built on, the house being your website. We need space to build your house, similarly you website takes up reams of code and programs to develop and this all needs to be some where. That space is hosting. Hosting spaces are provided by Godadddy, 1 & 1 , Hostgator, Amazon Ec2 etc...