As a new age technology company, we understand that you as a client need the leverage across niche platforms for your business. Sometimes off the shelf products may not be the right choice for your varied requirements. For precisely such a necessity a system, where you get to select your services is what we have in the offer.

Today, many businesses prefer to work with web-based applications for their business tasks as opposed to traditional desktop software. Often, this is because there is substantial integration between their business software and their website, because there are staff working from multiple locations or from mobile devices, and because of the flexibility web-based software often has to keep up with the changing demands of your business

E Business Consulting

  • Our experience in the online space stands us in good stead to consult various business and clients on their Online business strategy.

Mobile Application

  • The concept of information access has changed drastically with the penetration of smart phones. More and more.

Open Source Development

  • Unifying Logics is a pioneer in utilizing and deploying Open Source Applications. We experience in building applications.


  • The main benefit ASP.Net’s Frame work is that it allows for Rapid development of powerful webapplications and Unifying Logics is best.