This CMS package is designed for organizations/service providers whose content is dynamic and subject to frequent updates or edits and like News portals, Photography services, Blogs, specialized web sites for corporates and sites offering free downloads. Again our accelerated development ensures you site is online within 12 business days.

We have our own proprietary CMS with easy to use GUI and a friendly UX. We are also proficient in at Drupal, Joomla and Wordpress.

    Basic Features:

  • Same as for corporate website plan

    Admin Area Features:

  • Admin login.
  • Admin can edit all pages.
  • Admin can include images and delete images.
  • Admin can add pages if needed.
  • Admin can add videos of third party websites.
  • Admin can delete the content and pages if needed.
  • Video gallery section to add and delete videos in categorized format.
  • Image gallery section to add and delete images in categorized format.
  • 3 months of maintenance for free.
  • Admin can change the username and password.
  • Admin can change the logo if needed.
  • Admin can manage the banner area. Admin can change the images sliding in the banner.
  • Admin can also manage the footer icons.

    User Area Features:

  • Logo designing
  • Layout designing
  • Jquery banner.
  • PHP contact form.
  • 10-20 html pages.
  • Basic Search engine optimization.
  • Users can view videos and images.


  • Time Required : 12-15 days
  • Total Cost: USD 850
  • Payment terms: Initial 50% down payment and balance on delivery