Why do I need Website?

How do you promote your business? How easily you can impress the customers with your products? Do you think the fliers and pamphlets can explain your business completely? This is the internet era and every one is online on the web.To fill the complete gap between you and your customer, you need a website. Website beautifully depicts your idea and can explain more than what you do physically to your customer. Unifying Logics a web design services provider will fulfill your business needs.

How do I get my website on the internet?

To get your website on the internet, you need a domain name like www.unifyinglogics.com, a hosting space provided by various hosting providers and your website. There are people who design websites for customers, very much like your TV spot producers, who develop the website for you and host it online. Unifying Logics is a premier web design and development provider in this area.

What is a Domain Name ?

Think of a Domain Name like your home address. Thats where people find your business online. Domains names are administered and provided by ICANN.They are retailed by many domain name and hosting providers like Godaddy, name.com, 101domains.com etc...who pay a fee to ICANN. Unifying Logics can help you select a good domain name for your business and help you buy it online.

What is Web Hosting Space ?

Think of Web hosting as the land your house is built on, the house being your website. We need space to build your house, similarly you website take up ream of code and programs to develop and this all needs to be some where. That space is hosting. Hosting spaces are provided by Godadddy, 1 & 1 , Hostgator, Amazon Ec2 , Rackspace etc... Each type of website needs a different volume of hosting and depending on the number of people that visit your site, it needs a different type of hosting. Unifying Logics will help you choose what type of hosting and how much you need, a hosting plan that will work out most economically to you.

What is the difference between a "static" and "dynamic" website?

A Static website is mostly informational and has no advanced functionality. There are not more than 10 pages at times and only carry relevant info without linking to other websites or online servers.

A dynamic website is rich in features, Users engage with the site on different levels.There is data coming in from outside sources and some time even business transactions take place on the site.

UNifying Logics will help you determine what kind of website is best suitable for you.

What are the different types of website?

There are a variety of websites, depending on the needs and the users who use it. There are informational and corporate website that people visit to know about a person, company or event. These have details and information to help the customer understand the company or person better and ways to contact him. Artisits and creative people can express themselves via galleries, companies can showcase their infrastructure too. Unifying Logics is one such website.

There are portals where a variety of information is served to the users under different categories and can be left open for discussion. News sites, forums etc...all come under this type. Yahoo is an example .

There are ecommerce portals, where people can sell and buy goods online. Payment can be made online too. People can read reviews about the products and choose to buy or decline sitting in the comfort of their chair. Amazon, Ebay, Groupon are examples of such sites.

There are Social Media portals, where people come to sociallize, meet new people, talk and share their interests. Facebook, Myspace etc...are examples of such portals.

There are many more types. Infact the latest in technology enables you to conduct all your business on the cloud. You can bill you customers, track your inventory and conduct all manners of business online. All the information is stored on the internet and information is portable and accessible from everywhere. There are real estate portals where people search for home, job portals where people search for jobs and so on.

Unifying Logics identifies what type of business you are into and what kind of website you would need. We have the expertise to develop all types of websites and portals to take you online.

What is a content management system (CMS)?

Content Management systems help you, the owner of the website manage and update the website regularly himself. There is no need to have technical knowledge or approach a programmer of company to edit your website. A neat Graphical user interface is provided to help you change logo, images, add/edit content very easy as sending an email

Unifying Logics is a pioneer in promoting CMS platforms and we can help you get the best out of your CMS website.

What do information do I need to provide to get my site done?

ou need to provide information about your company or product/service and FTP details that will be given by your hosting provider. We will need images and other relevant content that you want published on your website.

What is the process to develop my website?

You will have to choose your domain name and buy a relevant hosting plan. Unifying Logics will help you buy a domain name and hosting plans. Then once you have given us all your information and we have discussed between us what type of website you want, UNifying Logics will at once start developing your website. Once website development is done, we will host it on the hosting space for all the world too see.

How long will it take for my web site to be designed?

The time taken to develop a website depends on the type of website being built. It may take as little as a few days for a basic website to as long as 3 months for dynamic portals. UNifying Logics will develop websites keeping in mind deadlines and we offer the quickest turn around time.

What is a responsive website?

Times have changed and so is the way, people access the internet. Today a lot of internet users use mobile devices to view websites and go on the internet. These screens are unlike big computer monitors for which traditional websites have been calibrated. A good Repsonsive site is one where the site automatically adjusts itself to the type of screen it is viewed from.UNifying Logics website is a responsive website, and we are highly skilled in providing responsive website development services.