Unifying Logics is dedicated to the art of web design and development. We understand that every client is unique and hence we have packaged our services into various plans that you pick of the shelf and have it custom developed around your business requirements. In keeping with ourbusiness philosophy, we have developed plans and solutions for your business growth and success. We can bring you cross-platform integrated identity and portal packages to raise your business and product profiles. We are dedicated in making our development services available to all those who recognize a need for structured, high quality and high impact websites.

Corporate Web Site


One Time Cost
  • The Corporate web site plan is designed for organizations who are looking to establish a state of the art online presence.

Content Managed Website (CMS)


One Time Cost
  • This CMS package is designed for businesses whose content is dynamic and subject to frequent updates or edits.

E-Commerce Portals


One Time Cost
  • E-Commerce plan is for organizations who wish to sell their products online. Consumers the world over are taking to the web to buy.

Social Networking Portals


One Time Cost
  • The web has shrunk the world and made everybody social. Today people want to be frequently in touch their peers, friends and family.